Flower Floating Candles

With 10 beautiful different flower shaped floating candles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect flower for your table centerpiece. The very striking 3" Rose floating candles come in 8 vibrant colors, including blue, and the plumeria flower floating candles can be made in 5 different colors. Each of the other flower types come in more than one color and all flowers come scented or unscented. Choose from roses, gardenias, plumeria, freesia, sweet peas, magnolias, daisies, periwinkles, daffodils and carnation floating candles. These exquisite flower floating candles are highly detailed and very life like and look wonderful in combination with our leaf floating candles. Flower floating candles can be used as floaters in bowls of water and can also be burned on a clean flat surface.

Most of our flower floating candles are made to order, so please allow plenty of time before your big day for them to be made, cure and then ship.

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Plumeria Floating Candles

Magnolia Floating Candles

3" Rose Candle

Plumeria Floaters

Magnolia Candles

Carnation Floating Candles

Gardenia Floating Candles

Periwinkle Floating Candles

Carnation Floaters

Floating Gardenia


Freesia Floatting Candles

Daisy Floating Candles

Daffodil Floating Candles

Freesia Floaters

Daisy Candles

Daffodil Floaters

Sweet Pea Floating Candles

3 Pack Rose Floating Candles

Roses and Leaves Gift Pack

Sweet Peas

3 Pack Roses

Roses and Leaves

12 Pack Plumeria Floating Candles

12 Pack Freesia Floating Candles

12 Pack Sweet Pea Floating Candles

12 Pack Plumeria

12 Pack Freesia

12 Set Sweet Peas

12 Pack Daisy Floating Candles

12 Pack Daisies

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